ArtQube is an international art consulting and sourcing company with headquarters in Hong Kong.

We offer a one-stop artwork sourcing service for office projects. Keeping both aesthetics and costs in mind, we create art programs tailored to the needs of our client to enhance wellbeing at their workplace.

Since its creation in 2013, ArtQube has built an unprecedented network of factories, galleries, artisans, artists and designers, mastering the whole chain process from conceptualization to creation and realization.



"Art is not for entertainment; it's essential to life. Without it we'd have no passion and no chance to question our judgement or change our perspective. With ArtQube, we strive to share this inspiration by introducing art in more and more interiors, both private and public."

Arthur de Villepin owes much to his family: he is the son of a well-known sculptress, and a renowned art collector. Since its youngest aged, he grew up surrounded by Zao Wou-Ki, Pierre Soulages or Miquel Barceló. Each of those greatest figures of the artistic scene have inspired him and made him become the instinctive art passionate and collector he is today.